The Embraced Posture

The woman lies on her back with her legs crossed up in the air. The man penetrates her passionately and carefully. The position of the woman’s legs contributes to a good control of the vaginal muscles and enables her also to move so that their sexual organs to remain united as deeply as possible. For the man, this posture can be a delight when the woman knows and applies the art of vaginal muscle contractions.
This posture greatly enhances the sensuality of the two lovers, allows them to look each other in the eyes during their erotic intercourse and thus to experience the other’s feeling, pleasure and love. If the sexual intercourse is continent and full of love, the lovers may feel a subtle communion between their souls.

The Tantric tradition indicates this posture to be approached in the starting phase of the erotic act as it greatly triggers and amplifies the sexual energy and implicitly the passion and the amorous effervescence.
The man must be very careful to control his sexual energy, because the very intense sensations of pleasure can make it more difficult to maintain the sexual continence. The woman may feel empathically her beloved’s feelings, and if he is in the beginning phase of the sexual continence she may adjust her movements so as to help him control his sexual energy as well as possible. It is important to notice that there are women who have such a great vaginal muscle control that they can block the man’s ejaculation through a sufficiently strong contraction of her vaginal muscles.