The Pressed Posture

The woman first lays on her back, and then she gradually raises her legs and finally places them on her lover’s chest. The contact of the woman’s soles on the skin of her lover’s chest  is extremely enjoyable and creates a feeling of intimacy. This posture produces a powerful compression that leads to the contraction of the vaginal muscles and the decrease of the size of the vagina, making possible, in the case of a perfect compatibility, for the sensations of pleasure felt by those two lovers to become very intense, leading to easily achieve the prolonged orgasm.
A variant to this posture is the Half Pressed Posture, in which the woman lays on her back, and then she gradually raises her legs. Then she stretches one of her legs, and she maintains the other one supported with the sole on her beloved’s chest, as in the case of the pressed posture. The posture offers more freedom of movement than in the case of the previous one. It can be approached in a polar way, meaning stretching first the left leg and then the right one. The perceptions will be much different, thus noticing the successive dynamism of the yin and yang energies during the amorous fusion.

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